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  • Our modern workshop is fully equipped for the removal and fitment of turbochargers on all passenger vehicles-types, bakkies and off-road vehicles.

    Our mechanics are trained as specialists in the field of turbocharger-systems, which allows them to find the root-cause of initial turbo-failure and to fix it.

Our one-stop service saves our customers time and money, as their vehicles are worked on by a team consisting of mechanical- and turbocharger specialists. Our mechanical workshop also does major- and minor services as well as general mechanical repair work.

Services: Depending on the cause of turbocharger failure, the following might form part of the turbocharger installation service:

  • Diagnostics and fault-finding using the latest diagnostic equipment
  • Turbocharger fitment\
  • Minor service (lubrication service)
  • Engine-flushing
  • Sump-removal and cleaning
  • Oil pick up removal and replacement due to residual carbon/sludge build-up
  • Oil pump removal and checking
  • Oil cooler and filter assembly removal and cleaning
  • Charge air cooler removal and cleaning
  • Inlet and outlet hoses removed and checked for damage and debris
  • Oil drain pipe checked for blockage/restrictions, clean/replace as necessary
  • Exhaust system checked for contamination/blockage (Catalytic-converter, DPF etc.).
  • Vehicles with DPF: carry out static regeneration according to manufacturer guidelines
  • Turbocharger oil feed pipe & banjo bolts replaced
  • New air filter, oil filter and oil fitted



If you would like a quote on turbocharger repairs or remanufacture, or you are looking for a brand new turbocharger for your vehicle, please fill out our quote form and we will get back to you.

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