Upgraded Hybrid Turbochargers
Turboworks supplies upgraded turbochargers, where the standard compressor wheel is replaced with a billet compressor wheel, in varying sizes; in many cases complementing remapping done on the vehicle.

Billet compressor wheels are made from a single block of forged billet aluminum and machined on 5 axis impeller CNC machines to an extremely high level of precision. Replacing a billet compressor wheel will either be used for high dust concentration environments like mining on open cast platforms, or when cast wheels are found to burst from high speed applications.

More Efficiency
Billet construction allows aluminium compressor fins to be much thinner than a cast steel alloy wheel, less blade thickness make a greater efficiency range, the more efficient a wheel is the lower the intake temperature.

More Air Flow
Machined by 5 axis impeller CNC the blades can be designed in a much more complicated way and much more curved to increase blade surface area, which can flow more air into the engine. Smaller nose and hub allow for a greater blade diameter, High and long blade increase air intake & performance.

More Durability
By using forged billet aluminium to avoid porosity issues, won’t have microscopic air bubbles which create weak spots. This makes the billet compressor wheel much more durability than the standard cast compressor wheel.