Recommendations for Turbocharger Servicing & Care
The following recommendations come from years of experience as well as guidelines from the world’s leading turbocharger manufacturers.

How to Care For Your Turbo
In theory, a turbo is designed such that it will usually last as long as the engine. It does not require any special maintenance; and inspection is limited to a few periodic checks. However, to ensure that the turbo’s lifetime is prolonged, the following engine manufacturer’s service instructions must be strictly observed:

  • Oil change intervals
  • Correct oil as specified by engine manufacturer
  • Oil filter system maintenance
  • Always ensure correct oil-pressure is maintained
  • Air filter system maintenance
  • On diesel engines, use the best quality diesel available
  • Poor quality diesel will block the catalytic converter, which will lead to turbo failure
  • It is not uncommon to remove/replace blocked catalytic converters in order to prolong the life of the turbo
  • Any ECU re-mapping should only be done by professionals to ensure your turbocharger isn’t damaged in the process. Turboworks is equipped to do ECU re-mapping within safe parameters that won’t damage the engine, turbocharger or injectors of your vehicle
  • Always ensure services are performed by a reputable mechanical workshop

Turbo Failure – Causes
90 % of all turbo failures are due to the following causes:

  • Penetration of foreign bodies into the turbine or the compressor
  • Dirt in the oil
  • Inadequate oil supply (oil pressure/filter system/carbon-build-up in oil-supply pipe )
  • High exhaust gas temperatures (ignition system/injection system)
  • Faulty electronic actuator on turbocharger

Many of these failures can be avoided by regular maintenance. When maintaining the air filter system, for example, care should be taken that no foreign material gets into the turbo

Effect of Rebuilding an Engine
Rebuilding an engine could have an effect on the turbo as follows:

  • Loose carbon, if not flushed out before fitting the turbo, will lead to turbo failure
  • Grinding-paste, if not flushed out properly before fitting the turbo, will lead to turbo failure

Always ensure your engine is rebuilt by professionals!